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Our products

All our products are distinguished by low porosity, thanks to cutting-edge mechanized systems specifically engineered to obtain integrally time-consistent products.

Royal Sat

glossy satin glass

The glossy opacification of the glass enhances the aesthetic characteristics, has excellent light transmittance and an elegant appearance. It is & nbsp; destined for the most delicate and demanding transformation processes.

Opal Plated Matè

semi-gloss satin glass

Translucent, uniform, with a low degree of porosity and excellent light penetration. The homogeneity and constancy of the technical characteristics is guaranteed by the most innovative industrial processes.

Mirror Sat

Glossy and semi-glossy satin mirror

Reflect Opal

Reflecting satin maté

Opal Lac

Lacquered satin maté

Available soon …


Anti glare satin glass


Non-slip satin glass

Royal G-Rock

Scratch-resistant satin glass